ALON Optical Ceramics

ALON Optical Ceramics

ALON® Optical Ceramic is an extremely durable crystalline material with excellent optical transparency in the near ultraviolet, visible and infrared up to approximately 5μm wavelength.

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Best commercially available transparent armor material (capable of stopping 50 cal AP bullets
Known for it's excellent optical transparency and clarity
Available in large sizes up to 19x36-in and in large quantities

Spinel Optical Ceramics

Surmet's Spinel Optical Ceramic is made via proprietary sinter/HIP process that results in a reliable product with finer grain size and much higher (>2x) strength than LiF doped hot pressed spinel products. [Learn more]  
Very fine grained microstructure
> 2x Higher strength than hot pressed Spinel
Has extended mid-IR transmission than ALON and Sapphire

Surface Engineering and Advanced Coating Technologies

Surmet's foundation was based on expertise in Surface Metallurgy as the name SURMET may indicate. It's coating technologies are based on High Vacuum Technology. Surmet has a proven track record of providing many enabling technologies over the years including Amorphous Si coating that provided the critical mirror surface required for taking hi-res images by the LORRI telescope for NASA's New Horizons mission. [Learn more]

Focus on solving curstomers' problems and providing cost-effictive materials solutions
Surmet has an outstanding proven record of providing enabling products/technologies
Expertise in providing solutions to multiple industries including semiconductor, aerospace, space, biomedical and energy.

Aluminum Nitride (AlN)

An outstanding ceramic possessing high thermal conductivity, electrical resistivity and hardness. Surmet produces several grades of AlN powders for numerous applications. Surmet also has capability to manufacture large and complex sintered components for specialty applications [Learn more]  
High thermal conductivity
High chemical purity
Thermal shock resistance
Corrosion/Erosion resistance

Optics Fabrication

Surmet offers optic fabrication services to your specifications. We work with a multitude of materials and processes. Contact us to learn more.  
Custom shapes and sizes.
Cutting, grinding, polishing, etc.
Optical Characterization & Metrology

Dissimilar Materials Joining

Surmet has developed innovative technologies for high-strength metal/ALON® and ALON®/ALON® bonding without loss of optical integrity. Surmet is transitioning these technologies from the lab to the production floor. Contact us to learn more.

Tiled transparent armor
Oil and gas drilling
Other high temperature and pressure environments
Applications requiring mechanical attachment of ceramic products