Situational Awareness

ALON® transparent armor combines excellent safety with unparalleled situational awareness for warfighters in armored vehicles.  Due to strict vehicle weight specifications, glass-based transparent armor windows need to be kept small.  Coupled with the high thickness required for protection, glass armor windows are usually more like peepholes, reducing situational awareness for the crew.  With ALON® transparent armor, window sizes can be substantially increased without increasing weight or reducing ballistic protection.

M-ATV armored vehicle with peephole-like side windows.

M-ATV armored vehicle with peephole-like side windows.

  • Light-Weight Protection:  ALON® transparent armor provides dramatic weight improvement over glass-based armor.  Glass-based armor requires area densities of 50 psf or greater to stop relevant threats.  ALON® transparent armor achieves the same protection at about one-half the area density.
  • Improved Transmission and Clarity:  ALON® transparent armor is exceptionally clear with very high transmission from the ultra violet (UV) through the mid-wave infrared (MWIR) wavelengths. 
  • Improved Low-Light Awareness:  ALON® transparent armor exhibits superior NVG transmittance (73%) compared to glass armor (52%). The 40% gain in NVG transmittance using ALON® transparent armor provides dramatic improvement in situational awareness and threat detection under low light conditions.
  • Tint-Free:  ALON® transparent armor is tint free, as opposed to other armor solutions which can be yellow or green in hue.  ALON® armor provides an unobscured view of the immediate surroundings.



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