Surmet is dedicated to providing working solutions that translate into market and performance advantages for our global customers

Surmet Corp. was founded in 1982 with a commitment to provide cost effective advanced material solutions to its industrial customers with a focus on next generation machines, systems and applications. For nearly three decades, Surmet has been a leader in commercializing and scaling up manufacturing of advanced material components, based on critical, innovative R&D carried out in our own state-of-the-art labs. Surmet operates facilities in three states, providing specialized capabilities in ceramics processing, precision polishing, advanced coatings and surface treatments. Our unique and innovative approach has created many successful products, including electrostatic clamps for the semiconductor industry and transparent armor for the aerospace and defense industries. Surmet is a reliable supplier of transparent armor and precision optical ceramic components to major Prime Contractors in the defense and aerospace industries.

Surmet's Corporate Culture
Agile and vibrant corporate structure to support evolving customer requirements.
Dedicated and competent team to implement continuous improvements.
Unwavering commitment to clarity, integrity, trust and reliability.
Strong commitment to deliver superior value to our customers.
  Mission Statement
To significantly improve service performance of components delivered to our customers, through innovation, R&D and advanced materials Solutions.
To meet our Customers' highest expectations by providing advanced materials solutions that create significant value over other alternatives.

Surmet is developing weight efficient transparent armor solutions and infrared transmitting optical components based on its ALON® and Spinel optical ceramic materials. ALON® transparent armor provides the same protection as current glass-based armor at half the weight and thickness. Surmet's Spinel is being used in precision optical applications such as missile domes, reconnaissance windows and laser windows.


Surmet's Facilities

Surmet has multiple locations across the US specializing in unique services.
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Surmet's Legacy

Before entering the transparent armor market, the highly skilled and innovative engineers at Surmet were busy developing materials and processes for numerous product applications.
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Surmet's Analytical Capabilities

X-Ray Diffraction

X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) is an important tool for characterizing powders and bulk samples. It is typically used to determine composition, phase, crystal structure, and lattice parameters. Our engineers and scientists use XRD for quality control and R&D work.


Surmet has vacuum, controlled atmosphere and air furnaces capable of synthesizing and heat treating powders in tonnage quantities. Some were custom-designed and for manufacturing and developmental operations.

Particle Size Distribution

Particle Size Distribution (PSD) is another important tool for quality control of powder production. Surmet's equipment is capable of analyzing powder of sizes ranging from a few nanometers to hundreds of microns.


Surmet's optical microscopy lab has several stereomicroscopes and compound microscopes for production and research.

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