Best known for its ALON® Transparent Ceramic (also known as Transparent Aluminum), Surmet is a pioneer in other advanced technologies including IR Optics Materials, Optical Coatings, Precision Optics Fabrication, Lightweight Transparent Armor design and solutions, and other related products.

Surmet is also a leader in magnesia Spinel Optically Transparent Ceramic, Aluminum Nitride, Dissimilar materials joining and surface modification technologies.  Learn more at Products and Services.

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Transparent Polycrystalline Materials Resist Bullets

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Surmet proudly announces Its role in NASA's New Horizons
PRWeb, Aug 06, 2015.

Transparent Polycrystalline Materials Resist Bullets...
ASM's AM&P Magazine, Nov 2015.
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Transparent polycrystalline cubic spinels protect and defend
ACerS Bulletin cover story, Mar'13

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ALON® Technology and Manufacturing

A 18x35-in ALON window being inspected

ALON® is an amazing advanced transparent ceramic material with composition of Aluminum Oxynitride. It is extremely hard and durable, and is transparent in the near UV, visible and mid-IR wavelength regions.

ALON is the hardest polycrystalline transparent ceramic material there is, and has been shown to stop multiple 50 caliber armor piercing (AP) rounds. Multiple ballistic performance test results have shown ALON to be the Best Transparent Armor Material that is available commercially today. In addition to high hardness and strength, ALON possesses good chemical resistance and high temperature resistance.

Surmet has established manufacturing processes and technologies for producing high quality ALON powder and through green body formation, densification and optical fabrication.

Surmet manufactures and supplies high quality ALON® components to military and industrial customers in sizes as large as 18x35-in and in large quantities. Surmet also supplies ALON domes and windows for infrared optics applications including IR guided missiles, sensor and reconnaissance pods for both ground vehicles and helicopters/aircraft. Learn More.

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